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Hillesden Securities is a debt purchasing company or debt collecting company listed in the website of






Name: Hillesden Securities
Also Known As: Hillesden Securities Brackley, etc.
Address: Buckingham Road, Brackley NN13 7DN
Telephone: 01280 707519 - BUT DO NOT TELEPHONE HILLESDEN.
Fax: 01280 707523
Email: username @DLcollect.co.uk
Extra Data: Trades as Direct Legal and Collections. See below.

Hillesden Securities and the Truth About Your Debt

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Several excellent consumer finance forums exist where you may read about the ploys involving Hillesden Securities and the tricks that they use. Notice that some of the debt collection firms specialise in certain kinds of activity while others choose different lines. The end result is always suffering for a lot of people. These debt collection agencies are often members of plausible sounding trade organisations and prefer to think of themselves as businessmen.

You should always ensure you know whether the debt collection company has purchased the debt for themselves (as a debt purchasing company) or if they are carrying out recovery work for a client such as a credit card company (where they would pocket a proportion of recovered funds in commission). If a letter of assignment is sent, which the law requires if the account has actually been sold wholesale, then you will know that the debt collection firm owns the debt and will attempt to get as much out of you as he is able. When dealing with Hillesden Securities remember every penny the collections agency gets is pure profit. So they will try to break you any way they possibly can.





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